Shaun Swanson (channels Ishuwa of the Yahyel civilization).  Shaun Swanson began channeling in 1995. He is a channel for members of our galactic family including: Ishuwa of the Yahyel, Arvantis of the Arkoreuns, and Onkor[…]

YahYel Event Details

For the first time in Europe, 4 YahYel channelers come together, to facilitate deep energetic contact experiences with our beloved star-family over the span of 3 blissful days of joy! At this event, we will[…]

Prices, Location and Accommodations

Event Price: 3 Days or pay per Day (Also available each day before we start) Day 1 (4.8.)  44,-   Day 2  (5.8.) 133,-   Day 3  (6.8.) 99,-      […]